Update 6 - September 8, 7.30am 

A newborn was found abandoned on Pioneer Street in Buġibba at 4.15pm on Friday, the police confirmed.

According to media reports, the baby boy was found on the porch (parapett) of a block of apartments. 

The infant, which was found in good health, has been taken to Mater Dei for assessment.  

Medics are expected to conduct DNA tests to try and glean some more information about who its parents might be. 

The police sergeant who was the first to the scene of the discovery told TVM how the newborn infant's umbilical cord had not been properly cut. 

"He gave my finger a squeeze as I picked him up. It brought a tear to my eye," he recalled.  

A Family Ministry spokeswoman told the Times of Malta that Appoġġ staff were at hospital to attend to all the baby’s needs.

"They had the go ahead to procure all the necessities for a newborn. In the meantime the police are working to locate the mother."

A magisterial inquiry is under way in the hands of Joe Mifsud.