Three newborn kittens were found dumped in a bin in Sliema by a pedestrian on Saturday.

In a social media post,Carol Curmi said she walking along St Pius V Street when she heard the sounds of crying kittens. Upon closer inspection she found the kittens and what appeared to be placenta wrapped in a plastic bag, which was wrapped in a black litter bag and dumped in a bin.

The woman said she had taken the kittens to the vet for treatment, since they appeared to have been separated from their mother shortly after they were delivered. They now appear to be in good health. 

"The kittens have been cleaned and fed by the vet. They are now with this very kind-hearted woman and her family and she will be doing her utmost to nurture them," she wrote.

The incident comes just weeks after a kitten was beaten to death at Golden Bay, sparking wide condemnation. 

One of the kittens after it was cleaned up.One of the kittens after it was cleaned up.


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