Environment NGO Din l-Art Helwa has urged Mepa to revoke an outline permit for a new development on Mistra Ridge and to refuse to issue a full development permit.

The application for a full permit comes before the Mepa board tomorrow.

"The proposed Mistra Village project lies on a ridge and will have a huge and permanent visual impact on the surrounding area," Din l-Art Helwa said.

It said it was firmly against the project in principle, because no high-rise buildings should be constructed on ridges.

The design, it said, was 'ordinary', and against the requirements of the Local Plan for the area. The local plan says development there should be  “a noteworthy urban and architectural design of the highest calibre”.

Din L-Art Helwa noted that MEPA was recommending the granting of a full permit to this project on the basis of an existing outline permit which Din l-Art Helwa said, should be revoked due to incomplete and irregular procedures.

"While the outline permit considered the general parameters of the project, the design of the project is to be evaluated in the full permit being discussed on Thursday," it said.

The NGO also warned that this development would have serious consequences on traffic flow in the area.