Migrants aboard a stranded vessel received a lifeline on Wednesday, after an NGO donated food and water supplies.

The 'Alan Kurdi' has been stuck at sea for eight days with 80 people aboard - 64 of whom were rescued off war-torn Libya. On Tuesday, a 24-year-old woman was evacuated to Malta for medical attention by the AFM following loss of consciousness.

The ship has been denied access to Malta and Italy, with both governments repeatedly saying it was Libya's responsibility to take in the boat, Sea-Eye chairman Gorden Isler said.

This is the same country whose capital has been surrounded by military troops for days. There is heavy fighting going on," Mr Isler said.

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The ship is now waiting off Malta for another shipment of supplies, Sea-Eye added.

The Migrant Offshore Aid Station delivered emergency food, water, medicines, dry clothing and blankets to the remaining 63 migrants onboard the stranded vessel Tuesday afternoon. It said it hoped the supplies will be "of some support until a more long-term solution is found".

"Most of those onboard have already experienced unimaginable atrocities in Libya and we are therefore deeply saddened that the ship has been stranded for so long, especially when those onboard include an infant and a young child who have been facing adverse weather conditions," MOAS said.

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It expressed concerns on the escalating violence in Libya, saying this only enhanced the need for the creation of safe and legal routes for vulnerable people in desperate need of protection.

The NGO called for countries to focus on showing solidarity and compassion in their response to the vessel and allow those onboard safe harbour in Europe.

MOAS refused to ignore the plight and suffering of those on Europe’s doorstep, it said.