A man accused of trying to torch his brother’s trapping room and killing a number of birds in the process has been acquitted on the grounds that there was no evidence linking the crime to him.

Thomas Spagnol, 44, from Żabbar, had consistently denied charges of having attempted the arson attack on his brother's trapping room in a field they both owned in Xgħajra in November 2014.

Mr Spagnol also denied charges of animal cruelty, damaging the structure and relapsing.

The accused and his brother Sandro had argued, with the accused’s brother saying that during the argument, the accused had said that if he could not make use of the rooms himself, he would knock them down or burn them.

The accused denied ever uttering such words and his brother was the only person who insisted that the accused had said such words.

Magistrate Doreen Clarke held that pronouncing the accused guilty would be “unsafe and unsatisfactory” because the court would always possess a “lurking doubt” regarding his guilt.

It therefore acquitted the accused of all charges brought against him.
Police inspector Robert Said Sarreo prosecuted. Lawyers Michael Sciriha and Marie-Elise Agius defended the accused.