When the Brits decided to pull out of the EU they obviously, even if most perversely, thought it was the right decision. The Brits, those old Empire-lovers, sang their hurrahs and said sod off to all those confused and confusing continentals.

However, Britain is hardly having a resoundingly good time of it all. Leaving has been most problematic. Someone recently compared the situation most eloquently and succinctly: Britain is now like the glorious Titanic which, it was claimed, was unsinkable, but proceeded to sink rather ingloriously. The human toll was terrible on that fatal maiden trip.

Now imagine the passengers were stopped way before they hit the iceberg and told they could decide to return to land. As an aside they are told that there are some potential problems and the ship, considered indestructible, not so solid. And they are also told that the pictures in the brochure selling the trip were part of a hoax.

I believe in the present circumstances there is a way out—in the face of total annihilation or grave consequences. Brexit can be reversed—and a second referendum should be held.

All this is sadly echoed on our shores.

Thankfully we do not have anyone crying out to leave the EU—those old days of desperate ideas seem long buried. But the opposition is in dire straits and democracy, which has suffered numerous dents, is tangibly sliding further down the chute.

Dexit too should happen—no I’m not clamouring for the Danes to leave the EU but for the PN to realise that, even if Adrian Delia won the leadership through a democratic election, they should oust him now with no further hesitation. If doom is staring you in the face you should change course and decisions reversed.

Dexit—a quick exit plan for Delia and his cronies who have hijacked a party which was on a losing streak yet still had functioning foundations and principles. Now it is a ship with no rudder, no ballast and heading straight towards its doom, like the Titanic towards its iceberg.

Decisions, even if taken democratically, should be studied objectively, and if their consequences are grave and tragedy-inducing, it is more than mad to stick to them.

So I say dump Brexit, and dump Delia. Or at least give the voters a second chance to face facts and take a wiser decision now, before it is too late.


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