I salute the man who has been a god-sent gift to us Maltese, Dr Joseph Muscat. Talk of Trojan horses is not welcome as we, the Maltese nation as a whole, know a gift-horse when we see one and we are truly impressed by him.

If the recent survey conducted by the Malta Independent is worth believing, it seems most of us love our Prime Minister. Whatever is thrown at him and whatever gaffes he and his band of less-merry men and women do, the populace applauds.

One thing I have always wished for any politician is that his size is kept in check and his boots keep fitting him. The fawning followers will be ever-present but I expect the people out there to keep a good check on the man. This guy is super-cool and nothing affects his standing, which is scary.

Scary because, rather than worrying about losing the love he courted and won so handsomely, he can just about do anything and increase his acclamation.

Take the Malliagate affair. If the electorate—or the polls representing the electorate—had told him that he and his team bungled up he might not invite the disgraced minister back in the near future.

In a surreal scenario where all bunglers get good approval ratings, then the feeling is let’s bungle on and to hell with propriety or good governance.

Scandals both huge and small have hit this government of Joseph Muscat. All that the prime minister has to do is bare his teeth (even if now in a grimace rather than a smile), wag his finger at the PN and hey presto, he wins us back in awe.

This guy isn’t just Teflonic but also a magician. His minnows or their own minnows can mess up all they like but the Prime Minister just waves his wand and all is cleared, all is fine, all is hunky-dory.

I here salute our great, our beloved Prime Minister, magician extraordinaire. Lead us on Sir you are our superman of the year.


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