Norman Vella, who was arrested two years ago for allegedly taking a picture in a restricted area of Malta airport said today that he is forgiving all those responsible for the 'vindictive act' against him.

Mr Vella, an Immigration officer and broadcaster, was held at the airport for allegedly photographing Kurt Farrugia, head of government communications, and Ramona Attard, then communications coordinator at the Home Affairs Ministry before they left for London

He was subsequently arraigned but a magistrate found that  there was no reasonable suspicion that he had had committed a crime.

He was acquitted, and the magistrate ordered that his phone and iPad should be returned to him.

In a blogpost today, Mr Vella said that on the second anniversary of his arrest, he was forgiving all those responsible, even though no one had apologized. 

"The banality of the charges, the non-existence of any form of evidence and the manner how the court declared my innocence in less than three days show how this was nothing more than a vindictive act aimed at destroying me," he said.

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