North Korea's state-run television KRT released footage today of soldiers staging a massive outdoor rally to pledge loyalty to the Kim dynasty, ahead of 103rd birth anniversary of the country's founder Kim Il Sung.

Hundreds of North Korean soldiers were seen gathered for an outdoor rally yesterday, marching down the Kumsusan Place of the Sun in Pyongyang, where the body of Kim Il Sung and the late leader Kim Jong Il lie in state.

The North's official news agency KCNA said the North Korean army, navy, air force, anti-air force and strategic force attended the rally and paid respects to the Kim dynasty.

Hwang Pyong So, the vice marshal of the Korean People's Army (KPA), made a speech at the rally.

Kim Il Sung's birthday is known as the "Day of Sun". It is the biggest holiday of the year and is marked with military parades, mass dances and performances.

Kim Il Sung led his country from its founding in 1948, through the 1950-53 Korean War, until he died in 1994 and his son Kim Jong Il took over.

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