On the night between January 21 and 22, a fierce thunder-storm struck the area where I live, destroying most of the electronic equipment.

I lost three TV sets, a VCR, a DVD and the charger of my chair lift. These six items had cost me exactly €1,165. The original receipts are still in my possession.

The tower of my computer, which is still under guarantee, was also damaged. Though this guarantee does/did not cover it against such incidents, SCAN, generously decided to repair it for free. For this, I thank them.

Since I was advised to back up all my documents lest they could be lost, I paid €35 to an individual who backed up all my documents.

As I am insured with Argus, the following Monday I visited their branch, a couple of minutes from where I live, and told them what had happened. They asked me to make my claim in writing and I did exactly that.

For several days, I was in contact with them asking and answering questions, giving details, delivering photocopies of all my receipts and also reports submitted by technicians. Then, when these ceremonies were over, I had frequent discussions with one of their representatives.

To cut a long story short, this clerk asked me if I would be satisfied with €400. I need not say what my answer was and so he suggested I go to the head office at Ta’ Xbiex and meet some higher official.

When I went there, I was met by a female official who tried to be rather helpful. But it was more or less a repeat performance of what had happened in Mosta. Some 40 minutes of calculations, percentages, questions and answers, ifs and buts, depreciations, prices then and prices now… and a final offer of €500.

I had no option but to accept the offer. I spent these €500 on two TV sets and a new charger for my chairlift. This means I had insured three TV sets, a VCR, a DVD player and a charger without which the €9,000-stairlift would be useless.

Now, thanks to Argus insurance, I have only two TV sets, no VCR and no DVD. Is it worth insuring your property? If other insurance companies are like that, it certainly is not.


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