So much happens on this little dot that sometimes I think we really are the world’s belly button.

The man—the Prime Minister I mean—has routed the PN, embraced the gay community and is now on a direct course to get us all a bit higher than we all have been since his momentous victory at the polls.

The PN, having been beaten black and blue, might one day realise this is the 21st century and not the 12th.

However, my main concern is that while all this is happening we hear—or hardly hear—frightening things like growing unemployment figures and subsidies for the bus-service exploding beyond imagination with very few feathers being ruffled.

Back when Austin Gatt was minister if a bus didn’t run on time we had a few media earthquakes. Now the public purse is being stretched and we hardly yawn our disapproval. And what I like about Joseph Muscat is that, like all Teflon guys, he puts out unpalatable news when there is a media frenzy about something else going on, so everything gets covered up, hidden or forgotten.

Spin on Doctor, you will win not just the next MEP elections but also a few more. If politics, persuasion and proper governance fail, there is always your secret weapon—show off your skills at moving your belly to the sound of music. After all you have anointed yourself as the most liberal and the most feminist man around, and what can be more liberating than giving your belly a spin or two?


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