The number of turtles being injured or finding themselves entangled in marine debris is on the rise, Nature Trust warned.

In a statement on World Turtle Day, Nature Trust sent out an appeal for waste to be disposed of responsibly and in the correct waste containers.

Last year, three turtles lost a flipper due to marine debris and another died due to ingestion of plastic bags.

The organisation appealed to boat owners not to throw waste overboard but, rather, take it with them inland and dispose of it in the correct manner.

Watch: Plastics have killed 20 turtles so far this year

Marine debris was on the rise because of irresponsible disposal of waste and due to lost, abandoned and otherwise discarded fishing gear, Nature Trust warned.

The organisation also appealed to authorities to ensure they implement a single-use plastics ban as soon as possible.

"Our planet is urgently calling for action and, today, many international and important entities such as the United Nations are calling for action to climate change and plastic in our oceans," it said.

Anyone spotting a turtle in difficulty may call the rescue line on 9999 9505.


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