Parfois’ spring/summer 2019 campaign is all about diving into the summer with all the freshness and lightness the season calls for.

‘All I Am’ springs out of timeless days, and it is in the comfort of the Mediterranean summer that its protagonist takes herself out of her surroundings and starts the day – a refuge on warm, carefree days imbued with one’s own time and rhythm. The holidays create a non-space where everything is easier, where we can reflect on what we are and where we want to go.

The Parfois woman is not tied to the past but accepts it as something of her own. This is the same woman who has been inspiring generations and has shown that we should not follow pre-conceived ideas without questioning them. 

In an era characterised by an information overload, there is no better proof of affirmation than knowing ourselves and accepting what we want to be. And through the photographic eye of Wai Lin Tse and of directors João Sousa and Gustavo Imigrante, we walk through the holiday home as if it were this woman’s gallery. Between projections and objects we are invited to observe and to listen to brief excerpts that help us uncover the architecture and identity of this woman.

Here, model and artist Zarina Nares revisits places and memories, moments from a journey materialised in different layers of her personality. The days are full of poetic vision, which is reflected in the things we choose to wear. We can wear day bags to go dancing and party dresses around the house with no shoes on; for this collection calls for relaxation and carelessness. We want seamless silhouettes, plenty of accessories and lots of colour.

Sophisticated and minimal designs abound. The colours that make up this collection are warm, dramatic and tropical and come together in various shapes and elegant silhouettes that strike a balance between DIY and high fashion. 

Floral and graphic prints in floaty and light fabrics bring unprecedented coolness and contrast with bold and modern accessories in more urban, futuristic shapes and materials. This contrast will attract the bolder, more mature woman.

Accessories in smooth shapes and large sizes come into play with a minimalist style or plenty of detail. We want accessories we can wear on beach days and cocktail parties in the summer. Mini and maxi bags made of different textures, leather straps with white topstitching, acrylic hoops and plenty of colour perfect for the summer.

The brand is revisiting materials such as farria, natural fibres and straw. Fringes are gaining momentum as well as a touch of exoticism with crocodile skins and acrylics. Unexpected textures also make an appearance, with shiny, mercerised fabrics injecting life into very simple, structured and comfortable designs.

‘All I Am’ makes a nod to the summer days and everything they represent: time and space to be free of worries. A break to reflect and decide on the direction we should take and what we want to achieve. Because, ultimately, a woman is able to embrace her past and  own her future.

Parfois is represented in Malta by Arkadia Marketing Ltd, which is a fully owned subsidiary of the Mizzi organisation. Parfois stores can be found at The Point, Sliema; Republic Street, Valletta; and Arkadia Commercial Centre in Victoria.

(Content provided by the Mizzi organisation)

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