A runaway deer surprised motorists as it was spotted running through the streets of Burmarrad after escaping its home.

The animal was spotted trotting past cars on a busy road at about 11:30pm on Saturday.

Teenager Matthew Vella was among those who filmed the deer and posted footage on social media over the weekend.

The 14-year-old from Qawra was with his parents, who were driving home from a restaurant, when they spotted the animal.

"I was really astonished to be honest," he told Times of Malta.

"I would never expect out of all the wildlife in Malta I would see a reindeer in the street."

He spotted the animal close to Scott's supermarket.

"We continued trying to follow it, continuing with the traffic until at one point it sort of disappeared," he said.

"I assume it ran in to the field."

Others shared video and pictures on the Facebook group RUBS Puppy Love. One eyewitness, Claire Mamo, said: “Police officers and members of Animal Welfare arrived to try and catch him, but he escaped in the fields opposite Scotts.”

It was initially reported that deer had escaped from the nearby Bird Park, which is home to hundreds of species of birds and animals including deer, lemur, snakes and antelopes.

However Kevin Mallia, from Bird Park, told Times of Malta that the animal was privately owned.

"The male deer was not from Bird Park but from a friend of mine near Scotts," he said.

"The police phoned me to go and help them catch it and return it to its owner."

It is not the first time unusual fauna has been spotted in Malta.

In May, a puma was spotted pacing on a roof, allegedly in Fgura.

A spokesperson for the Environment Ministry said the animal was registered with the authorities and met the requirements laid down by regulations.




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