The sole survivor of the crew which brought the battered tanker Ohio to Malta in the Santa Marija convoy of August 1942 admits that at the time he did not know that victory or defeat for Malta hinged on whether the tanker's precious cargo would make it through.

Allan Shaw, 18 at the time, was surprised to see hundreds of people line the bastions as the tanker was towed into harbour. The devastation which he saw around him was a quick lesson of what the island had endured.

He returned to Malta in 2002 and has since been back almost every year to mark the convoy anniversary.

He admits he would also love to know what has become of a Mary Grima, whom he briefly dated while he was here during the war.

"I don't know what happened to her. It is difficult to find someone after so many years," he said.

Full story in The Times.


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