Filthy stream

The rubbish that accumulates in streets is sometimes washed into the sea, making things even messier. This is what happened at Sa Maison, Pietà, recently, where waste ended up floating in the water. Speaking of a clean environment is not enough. We must take resolute action too.





Do as you please

In Marsascala recently, a car was parked on the pavement blocking access to pedestrians. True, parking problems are a big headache, but that does not mean motorists can leave their vehicles wherever they please. The powers that be must not only make their presence better felt but also  exercise strict enforcement.

No aesthetics

Why is it that beautiful buildings always have to be ruined one way or another? In Naxxar, solar panels have been erected on the roof of an old building. The panels are quite visible, altering the view of the facade. Is there anyone who monitors this sort of thing?

Just indifferent

Despite repeated calls to the St Julian’s local council, residents still have to deal with unbearable smells and rats as a result of garbage bags being piled at the upper end of Birkirkara Road. Here again, is a classic case of indifference, this time by citizens and authorities alike.




Clear sign

Transport Malta branded it “the most beautiful road in Malta”, but not much seems to be done to ensure the Coast Road remains so. For example, why should a damaged road sign remain there for days on end? Most public entities think the big projects they launch can take care of themselves. But constant upkeep is a must.

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