Walking on the pavement atBlue Grotto Avenue in Żurrieq compares to a challenge at some obstacle course. The entire pavement is riddled with large, gaping holes, which are dangerous during the day and more so in pitch darkness. If just walking is no mean feat, imagine the struggle anyone in a wheelchair or handling a pushchair have to go through.

Bad impressions

Passengers getting off the Turkish Airlines flight last Tuesday were greeted by a bad-tempered official, waving his arms around and urging them to “get on with it”. How unprofessional. Is this the first impression we want visitors to have of this hospitable island?

Jungle rules

Evidently, some motorists think they can get away with anything these days. Look at the way in which some park their cars. On the Mellieħa Bypass a car bearing foreign number plates can be seen parked there on a daily basis, blocking a service road. Yet, the owner/user gets away with it and suffers no consequences whatsoever.

No hurry

While efforts to have more ramps for wheelchair users are always appreciated, it would be even better if these are well-maintained. One such ramp outside the Naxxar civic centre is a case in point. A glass tile there was smashed and, weeks later, it has yet to be repaired. An accident waiting to happen.

Shame indeed

It is truly a shame that one of the few remaining green areas where people can enjoy a nice, long walk is in a state of abandon. The passages at the Chadwick Lakes are in a dangerous state, with someone recently being forced to place an empty bucket to mark an area that had collapsed. Surely, the authorities concerned can spare some of their resources to ensure such areas are safe, given how very few spaces of this nature remain.

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