Grave danger

A vegetable hawker has suddenly appeared in Ganu Street, Birkirkara, close to the pharmacy and right in the middle of an extremely busy and dangerous thoroughfare. The hawker even tries to attract custom by dropping boxes of products in the entryway of a garage, a practice that could prove dangerous to unwary pedestrians.

Wired up

A temporary cable supplying three-phase electric power was spotted hanging mid-air in Dingli Street, Sliema. Only connectors were used and the armoured black cables supplying electricity to a crane could be seen hanging on the connector joints. That somebody would come up with such a dangerous arrangement is already mind-boggling; nothing being done about it is diabolical.

Worth preserving

In addition to the underground Cold War tunnels beneath the former ITS building in Pembroke, a reader pointed out that on the roof facing St George’s Bay are two magnificent coats of arms that should also be preserved. Is the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage aware of this? If so, one hopes action has already been taken to preserve them.

Double parking

Why is it that illegal double parking on busy roads seems to have become the norm? While in the past such ‘practice’ was contained to certain busy areas, motorists now seem to think they can get away with stopping anywhere they please, even in the middle of the road. Some switch on the blinkers. Is it possible no wardens or Transport Malta officials have come across such instances?

Deaf ears

Complaints about a coach being parked in Mgr Indri Fenech Street, Mellie─ža, taking up several parking spaces in a residential area keep falling on deaf ears. According to residents, this practice has been going on for the past five years, usually late in the day and during the night. The matter was flagged to Transport Malta on several occasions but to no avail. What is the problem?


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