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A vendor selling fruit and vegetables from his truck in Lord Strickland Street, Attard, has been making sure his preferred parking spot is always available by placing cones there, even when he’s not around. Would this vendor not qualify as a hawker, that is, a person travelling around selling goods and not occupying a fixed point?

Awful stench

Every night, what looks like clear water runs out of two drainpipes in the pavement and flows down the slope behind San Anton Mercure Hotel, Buġibba, and onto Triq it-Turisti. However, the offensive odour indicates it is urine. It cannot be pleasant for the pedestrians who happen to be there as cars drive by, splashing the effluence. An inspection by the public health authorities is urgently needed.

Empty shelter

There was outrage last month when a couple of incidents proved beyond a reasonable doubt that horses too suffer from excessive heat. Yet, some karozzini owners still fail to use the shelters that were purposely set up close to Fort St Elmo. If in the past there were reports of cars parked under the shelter, it is clearly not the case this time around. Having animal cruelty laws and set-ups in place means very little if they are not enforced and willing to bite.

Litter island

The island is slowly turning into one giant heap of litter, with garbage piling up at every corner, including in tree trunks. This picture was taken in Attard. Evidently, someone decided it was a good idea to discard a packet of cigarettes there. The situation is already out of hand, but that does not mean we should throw in the towel. Education is key and more needs to be done to ensure people stop the sad habit of dumping litter wherever they please. Having a strong economy but weak civic sense makes Malta a poor State.

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