A total 19.2% of people in Malta could not afford to get together with friends or family for a drink or meal at least once a month in 2014, according to Eurostat.

The percentage was 6.2% higher than the EU average.

However, the situation in Malta was better than Hungary (36.5%), Romania (35.7%), Bulgaria (30%) and Greece (20.7).

At the opposite end the scale, the share was below 1% in all age groups in Sweden, Finland (1.5%), Denmark (3.2%), the Netherlands (3.3%), the Czech Republic (3.4%) and Luxembourg (4.1%).

Across member states in 2014, more than half (56.1%) of the population in Romania could not afford to regularly participate in a leisure activity, followed by Bulgaria (37.5%), Lithuania (35.2%) and Hungary (32.4%).

In contrast, less than 5% of the population feel unable to regularly participate in a leisure activity in Finland (3.2%), Luxembourg (4%) and Sweden (4.2%).

In most member states, the working age population is particularly affected. The only exceptions are Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom, where the share is higher among the young, and Estonia, Romania and Latvia, where it is higher among the elderly.


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