Authorities are looking at how to improve the safety of a bridge near Buskett after a teenager was seriously injured when he fell down a six-metre drop.

The 16-year-old from Naxxar fractured his pelvis and wrist in the fall last month and is now recovering at home.

His mother has appealed for the authorities to improve the safety of the bridge, which has a low boundary wall.

Ambjent Malta, the organisation responsible for environmental spaces, said it was “closely assessing the situation and will be looking at how the boundary wall could be improved”.

The teenager had been walking with friends to a bus stop in the dark when he took a step in the wrong direction and fell.

He and his parents told Times of Malta they were concerned about safety in the area and called on the authorities to intervene. His mother said the issue should be resolved quickly.

“We feel that improving and making the boundary wall safer should be treated with urgency so that the accident our son had will not be repeated, as it could easily have been a fatal accident,” she said. The area does not fall under the responsibility of the Rabat or Siggiewi local councils, but under central government.

The teenager said he fell at around 7.45pm on September 19.

“As far as I could tell, I was on a normal road but then I stepped off the bridge,” he said.