The police’s decision to question two protesters because they took part in a ‘picnic protest’ on Sunday to try to highlight the destruction of our environment epitomises all that is wrong with Malta’s authorities.

Fine, the police might be sticking to procedure to question somebody doing something out of the norm. But just think about it for a minute - it’s the equivalent of insisting on giving your home a fresh coat of paint when the roof is about to cave in! It’s one of the most blatant examples of the authorities having their priorities upside down.

I don’t intend to go off on a rant to highlight the dozens of disgusting/illegal/misguided things happening around us, but I will highlight just a few:

It is wrong for Mepa, any ‘enforcement’ authorities to go after the small fry, when the big fish continue swimming in a sea of indifference... because they know nobody would touch them. Just look at the hundreds of illegal billboards/marquees/restaurant tables littering our streets.

It is wrong for the Labour Party to expect the media/public to believe the case of the size of a swimming pool belonging to a PN deputy leader is as scandalous as the case of hidden companies in Panama belonging to senior government officials.

It is wrong to have a Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Rights which seems to be more interested in the interests (rights?) of hunters.

It is wrong for the police to ignore the tens of thousands who think racism is free speech. You do not need Sherlock Holmes to weed out the culprits - a quick scroll through some Facebook pages would do the job.

It is wrong for festa enthusiasts to close off main road arteries to let off fireworks.

It is wrong to asphalt secondary roads because foreign dignitaries are being driven through them when several major roads used by us commoners remain a poor excuse for a rollercoaster.

It is wrong for magistrates and judges to continue sitting on their thrones while the unfortunate ones who have to walk through the court gates are treated like rubbish. 

Ultimately, it is ludicrous for the police to take in for questioning two individuals who protested against the dwindling environment rather than go after the developers, the greedy pigs who have sacrificed ODZ land on the altar of money.

I could go on forever but I won’t.

It’s ironic that the minute we uploaded the story about the picnic protesters, I was sent a promo clip for Basta Nemmen Fil-Bambin, a satirical show coming up. It’s good to know I’m not alone.






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