The Mtarfa Military Hospital in Mtarfa Road was commissioned in 1912, inaugurated in 1917 and opened in 1920. The complex consists of four large blocks and three smaller ones, all linked by a central passageway. All wings are on three floors together with a basement in certain locations, except for a large towered stair-hood at the rear. The façades of the main building and administration wing have verandas on each level and their façades are adorned with a number of badges and carvings in franka stone. The hospital was partially rebuilt during the 1970s.

The ground floor façades of all the blocks are chamfered and all the large blocks are surrounded by pilastered verandas. The rest have large wooden windows set between pilasters of an identical architectural style to match the rest of the complex. All doors and fenestrations are made of timber.

A parapet wall four courses high and composed of stone balustrades runs along the entire roofline.

The building is relatively well kept although alterations were made to the original 'hospital fabric' when the building was converted into a school in the 1970s.

Mepa scheduled the Mtarfa Military Hospital and buffer zone as a Grade 2 national monument as per Government Notice no. 628/08 in the Government Gazette dated July 21, 2008.