These stores were constructed in the mid 18th century in connection with the expansion of port services along the Valletta and Floriana waterfront of the Grand Harbour. The buildings consist of a series of barrel-vaulted warehouses having two storeys with an intermediate level.

The façade consists of a repeated module consisting of a wide-arched central door at ground floor level, an arched vertical window at mezzanine level and a balcony accessed through an ornamented arched doorway at first floor level.

Identical doors and windows flank this central feature at the ground floor and upper floor respectively. At the centre of the whole ensemble are Grand Master Pinto's coat of arms and a bronze bust, now replaced by a copy.

The rear of the property is characterised by very plain walls punctured by small square-headed doors and windows. The north-eastern back elevations have a series of flying buttresses spanning across to the Floriana fortifications.

The part of the façade that was demolished by enemy bombing during World War II has been faithfully reconstructed through a restoration project in the beginning of this decade.

Mepa scheduled Pinto Stores as a Grade 1 national monument as per Government Notice No. 276/08 in the Government Gazette dated March 28.

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