This building located in Castille Place was constructed during the reign of Grand Master Gregorio Caraffa (1680-1690) for the conduct of all business in connection with the importation of cereals and other foodstuffs (annona).

The building consists of an austere plain rectangular structure, having its rear wall attached to the east flank of St James' Cavalier. Despite being built at the height of the Baroque period the façade is devoid of any Baroque ornaments.

The main façade is defined by two plain pilasters at the extremities of the façade and by a plain fascia at roof level. The central doorway has no elaborate decorations and above it is a square stone frame with a commemorative plaque.

At the upper level are four windows, two on each side, placed about the symmetry line.

Later additions include a window on the main façade and the doorway on the side façade.

The Granaries at St Elmo, Castille Place and others were managed by the Universita' dei Grani which was housed in this building.

Mepa scheduled Dar Annona as a Grade 1 national monument as per Government Notice No. 276/08 in the Government Gazette dated March 28.

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