A palatial house built on three floors with intermediate levels and a side courtyard. The large doorway has a circular light window on top and is set between the central corbels of the balcony.

The hall consists of a flight of steps leading to the elevated ground level, below which is a semi-basement level. Two doors flank the main one, one leading to the basement while the other is a remissa door which was probably used for carriages. The elevated ground floor has two windows flanking the main door; the one above the remissa was converted into an open balcony. The main door and lateral windows have flat cornices above the lintels. Between the floors is a string course and the upper floor has a central open balcony and a window on each side. The shallow projecting sill is continuous along the façade, interrupted only by the balcony door. The balcony is supported on four large and exceptionally carved corbels. The openings at first floor are set within a unique frame consisting of an open cartouche scroll with a scallop shell on top at the centre.

Mepa scheduled Casa Bolino as a Grade 1 national monument as per Government Notice number 276/08 in the Government Gazette dated March 28.

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