MEPA schedules a rural structure, Zurrieq.

This vernacular building is comprised of three rooms on top of each other. The "tower" originally included a stone coat-of-arms (now defaced) on its principal façade - the side overlooking Triq Alexander. An incised date over one of the lintels reads "1765". A number of 18th century graffiti depicting galleons of the Order of St John, and probably an enemy galleon, and other historic graffiti including an inscription (largely illegible due to growth of algae), are incised on the exterior of the "tower".

The locals refer to the "tower" structure as a barumbara pertaining to Xandru D'Amato, an important local personality who was one of the leaders of the Zurrieq Maltese insurgents against the French Napoleonic troops involved in 1799 uprising.

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