A property online platform where sellers can list their property, buyers can find their dream home, and brokers, agents and contractors can browse through extensive listings, all for free?

One year ago, it sounded too good to be true. But on its first anniversary, local property website www.deliveringhomes.com.mt is still going strong, proving that something can indeed be too good and true.

Today marks one year since Delivering Homes embarked on a new and exciting project in the property market.

Months of preparation and discussions lead to the creation of www.deliveringhomes.com.mt, a new go-to online platform with the aim of facilitating property search in Malta.

The idea of setting up and introducing this new online space was to offer a solid platform for anyone looking to purchase, sell, rent or lease property while filling the gaps left by others in the market. The concept is clear and simple: all services offered for free on one easy-to-use platform.

Delivering Homes Ltd can count on strong backing as it forms part of Business Concept International plc (BCI), a boutique financial services company, spearheading a group which offers various administration, accounting and assurance services to local and foreign clients. After just five years of being set up, BCI has enjoyed growth to the extent where long-term funding is required to achieve further growth. Keeping its eyes firmly on the future, the group is currently planning on raising money to sustain its projects.

One year on, www.deliveringhomes.com.mt is stronger than ever, still offering the same services for free, while also adding new features to the website such as the blog section. The new blog section carries interesting posts that are relevant to anyone owning a property, interested in home décor, or who is still in the house-hunting phases and also looking for some tips and information related to schemes available for first- and second-time buyers.

Everyone is welcome to list properties on the Delivering Homes platform – even agents can list properties without any fees.

In one year, www.deliveringhomes.com.mt has led to over 1,000 properties being listed online, 240 of which being listed as to let, with the rest of the properties all being listed for sale. All these properties resulted in property views exceeding 48,000.

At Delivering Homes, privacy and communication between the seller and the buyer are respected. In fact, the buyer can get in touch with the seller via a private message sent through the website after creating a one-time account which is also free of any charges.

These past 12 months have been a successful journey for www.deliveringhomes.com.mt. While thanking all owners and agents who have entrusted the company with the promotion of their properties, Delivering Homes is ready to kick-off a second year of further property listings.

For more information visit www.deliveringhomes.com.mt


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