Malta only has two days supply of potable water in its reservoirs, according to the Malta Water Association.

Addressing a press conference, association spokesman Dirk Ketelaere said the island was running a major risk by not preserving rain water.

“We are almost exclusively dependant on water produced via reverse osmosis. If something like an oil spill occurs, the island will have no water,” he said.

Mr Ketelaere said the island had a 50 per cent of ground water that was over exploited. Moreover, some 90 per cent of the groundwater showed nitrate levels that exceeded the EU limit.

Last year the MWA had drawn up an extensive set of recommendations to the political parties on water storage. Mr Ketelaere said the dependence on Reverse Osmosis was not only environmentally dangerous but also detrimental to the economy.

“This is terrifying from a strategic point of view,” he said, adding that the plan to have all houses built with a well had been scrapped.