A number of awards, including for best male actor, best female actor, best director, best author and best overall production, are up for grabs this weekend during the first Cospicua Short Drama Festival.

The festival, however, is not only about awards and prizes. Its main aim is the exposure of local talent, giving all participants the opportunity to showcase their abilities.

The six plays focus on a number of themes. The productions are L-Abbandunati, Live-in, Kola tal-Ajru, Ir-Rużarju Mqaddes, Checkmate and Għażiż Trumpant.

The idea for the event, organised by the local council, was conceived last year when the Department for Local Government launched the Cultural Activities scheme for 2018.

After having decided the themes of the activity, the Cospicua local council consulted two experts in the drama scene, Pierre Bugeja and Joseph Galea, both from Cospicua and Roderick Mamo, the councillor responsible for culture.

The Cospicua Short Drama Festival bringing to the fore six productions takes place on Friday and Saturday from 8pm.


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