Dear Prof Cassar, first may I again express my admiration for your work as one of our topmost vascular surgeons of whom our country is proud to have.

Alas, I cannot say the same as regards your extreme political views, once you now confirm that you are the actual author of the articles about which I had expressed my moral conviction that they were authored by a “ghost writer” since I couldn’t believe that you would allow yourself to reach such a level which, to use your own words, “destroy people’s reputation, discredit their integrity and ruin their lives”.

Is this not what you have been doing week in, week out, to former prime minister Joseph Muscat? Isn’t this what you have done in the article (October 19) targeting me?

Isn’t this what Daphne Caruana Galizia had done for decades, when she targeted people – and I am not referring to those who were involved in some criminal activity whom she rightly exposed – whose only sin was that they were relatives, friends or colleagues mostly of labour politicians?

You never bothered that she may have been “destroying people’s reputation, discrediting their integrity and ruining their lives”, did you?

You accused me of being a liar. I believe that an intelligent person like you certainly knows the meaning of ‘lying’. One ‘lies’ when one knows the full truth but willfully decides to say or write the opposite.

When one is morally convinced of what one says or writes, then such a person cannot be accused of lying. One can accuse that person of being wrong if what emerges proves that person to have been incorrect.

You accused me of lying when I used to comment that I believed that the articles which were published under your name must have been written by a “ghost writer”. Today, you have convinced me that I was wrong, but I was definitely not lying.

I only quoted what Emanuel Cuschieri claimed on his popular programme- Eddy Privitera

In fact, I can accuse you of lying about me when you stated: “This time you not only lied about me but also about a third person, claiming that he is the real author of my articles – the writer is Richard Cachia Caruana – there has been no denial to date”.

I had only quoted what Emanuel Cuschieri had publicly claimed on his popular Friday programme Emanuel Cuschieri Facebook Live, a few weeks ago, namely, that Cachia Caruana is the author of the articles signed by you. You had not said a single word to deny Cuschieri’s claim. And, yet, you attributed Cuschieri’s claim to me! Were you just wrong or lying?

Can anyone believe that no one had informed you of Cuschieri’s public claim, said on a very popular programme watched by thousands, but was informed of a brief comment of mine on Times of Malta’s comment board read perhaps by a few hundreds of readers?

The problem with PN opinionists, including you, is that you allow yourselves to go overboard with your extreme criticism, in your eagerness to inflict as much political damage as possible on the Labour government’s credibility and those who support it, including me.

You went as far as to almost implicate me in Daphne’s murder when you wrote “lies like yours that led to her assassination”.

This extremism is what must have prompted Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri to define Repubblika, of which I understand you form part of, as “that extreme faction of the Nationalist Party”. Alas, this extremism is not helping either yourself, your party or your country.

Using Caruana Galizia’s atrocious murder – which I had unreservedly condemned as soon as I heard the news – as a political weapon to undermine the Labour government, not just in our country, but most of all in foreign institutions, as happened just a couple of days ago in the European Parliament, is having a boomerang effect.

The vast majority of our people abhor this and will, undoubtedly, again express their disdain in 2024 and 2027.

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