The Opposition is calling on Equal Opportunities Minister Helena Dalli to shoulder political responsibility for her husband's illegal development in Zejtun.

Opposition planning spokesman Ryan Callus said it was ironic that the Dallis expected preferential treatment when the minister's portfolio included equal opportunities.

Mr Callus said it was unbelievable that Patrick Dalli - Dr Dalli's husband- said he did not know that workers were carrying out construction work on the site.

"This is not the way to lead by example," Mr Callus said.

Asked to clarify what he meant by shouldering political responsibility, Mr Callus said when former PN president Victor Scerri had built a farmhouse in Bahrija, the then Labour Opposition had asked for his resignation.

"I don't agree with Dr Scerri's development but the difference is that his development had passed through all the legal process while in this case the planning authority is still evaluating a request for sanctioning as illegalities are continuing," Mr Callus said.

Without directly calling for the minister's resignation, Mr Callus said he was not holding his breath that Dr Dalli would resign like Dr Scerri had done.

The building has an enforcement order on it because of significant illegalities on the site. However, Times of Malta revealed this week that works on the property were continuing despite the 2011 enforcement notice.

Mr Dalli had said the building was being sold and a promise of sale agreement had been signed.

He questioned why the newspaper's was following the story.

Mr Callus said it was unacceptable for journalists to be treated in this way.

During the press conference, Jason Desira, who claimed to be the person buying the property, insisted it was he who had deposited soil in the property but denied there were any illegalities.

"I do not know why you are attacking the minister. This property is fine according to the new planning rules," he told the PN representatives in the presence of journalists.

"There are no works on site," he insisted.

However, Mr Desira did not comment when confronted by that had witnessed workers on the property over the past two days.

The planning authority has not yet sanctioned the illegalities.

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