Speaking exclusively to Iggy Fenech, singer-songwriter Clinton Paul reveals the date of his upcoming album and what his fans and haters can expect from it.

A shot of high-heeled boots comes into focus as lift doors open. Clinton appears on screen as one assistant takes his coat and another is handed his bag. The star locks eyes with a dark, brooding stranger and all is set for the story to unravel. That is how Clinton Paul closed his last chapter and how he is laying the foundations for his upcoming era.

“Miraklu [Clinton’s latest song] is one of my few in Maltese and one which I thought was time to release,” he explains. “The song speaks of the ‘miracle’ that happens within us the moment we fall in love with someone new; that excitement each of us feels when there’s so much potential in front of us; that indescribable happiness that finding ‘the one’ brings with it.”

The song, launched just a few weeks ago, brings to an end the singer’s latest project, which spanned well over a year and included the release of three other songs with accompanying music videos: La Copa to celebrate the World Cup; Diamond for Malta Pride; and All in the Eyes of a Boy for Christmas.

The feelings of domination and rebellion seen in Miraklu, however, are also a telltale sign of what’s to come in his upcoming album, which is being worked on by producers Dominic Cini and Jonas Gladnikoff.

“Each album reflects my frame of mind at the time of writing the songs, and I’m currently in the best state I could possibly be, particularly when it comes to my self-image,” Clinton continues. “I currently feel incredibly free and happy with what I’m doing, and that will show in my songs – which are more up-tempo and ‘dancy’ than any of my previous work – and in what I’m going to be wearing in my videos and for my appearances.”

Never one to shy away from controversy or flamboyancy, Clinton also adds that this album is a reflection of his sexuality both inwardly (through the lyrics) and outwardly (through his ensembles): “I love wearing wigs and, in the next era, I want to play more with looks, clothes and hairstyles. In fact, the outfits for the next album are going to be very flirtatious and androgynous as I want people to ask themselves: Is he a boy or is he a girl? Ultimately, I believe people will love you more if you are comfortable being yourself, and that is definitely the place I’m in right now,” he adds.

With the album title currently under-wraps, Clinton reveals that it will be out on September 28, with the first single out in June. Preparations, however, are still under way for the filming of the upcoming music videos, as well as an official launch of what will be Clinton’s fifth album.

“There is another reason for celebration, though. This is also my most mature album, both musically and stylistically. A lot of effort has gone into all the elements that make up the songs. My team and I dropped the sound of electronic guitars and brought in guitarist Aldo Spiteri, and we are also working with aforementioned Jonas, who is a producer in Sweden who has worked with various Eurovision entries.”

That, however, doesn’t mean that Clinton Paul will be trying his luck in representing Malta in the next Eurovision Song Contest. Instead, any spare time will be spent working on his make-up range, as well as the next Pride event!

Clinton’s new album is out on September 28.



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