A local cleaning company has enraged social media users through its 'Rent a Wife' name.

The company posted an advert offering cleaning services to a local Facebook group, in the hope of drumming up some additional business.

“Here at Rent a wife we become like one,” the business, which appears to have offices in Mellieħa, wrote in its ad.

Its pitch immediately backfired, however, with people unimpressed by its promise that “not only woman [sic] but also men do the work”.

“The name you chose for your company will make sure a lot of people, myself included will never hire your services,” wrote one.

“Very sexist,” fumed another.

The post that outraged users.The post that outraged users.

A woman who claimed to be part of the company quickly stepped in and urged people not to be offended by its name.

“We do not only provide cleaning services but everything a wife can do and that is cleaning cooking doing errands babysitting errands such as paying you're bills ironing,” she wrote.

That reassurance just made things worse.

“Not only cleaning but everything a wife can do? I guess that makes it all better then,” one wrote sarcastically.

“Very strange,” added another. “I never knew men were incompetent to clean or care for children”.

Times of Malta sought a comment from the company but was unable to make contact.

Shortly afterwards, the company’s Facebook page was taken offline. 


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