Eddy Privitera seems to be unaware that his frequent scribbles can so easily apply to the party he holds so close to his heart.

In his latest obloquy (‘Political stunts’, July 13), he accuses Occupyjustice of being Nationalist Party diehards whose aim is to try and discredit the government. What, in his ‘learned’ opinion, is the reason for his frequent missives (and the trolled blogs by his fellow Labourites) if not to discredit the Opposition?

He is also very quick to board the party propaganda wagon, such as his claim that the small placards Il-Kenniesa stuck on trees were a hazard that could lead to another killing. If that is the case, how more dangerous are the huge advertising hoardings with their ‘alluring’, more visible and eye-catching illustrations. The removal of the placards had nothing to do with road safety but a way to muzzle criticism of a government that believes it is above any criticism.

And by the way, the Egrant magistrate did not state that the allegations were false, just that they could not be proved, which is quite a different kettle of fish.

Finally, Privitera criticises Occupyjustice for “keeping on repeating the same broken record for the last nine months”.

I personally hope they will continue to do so. It is a disgrace that, after such a long time, nothing has been achieved by a government that seems to prefer the status quo.


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