The communications package offered by Ozone for the hospitality market combines seamless technology with an innovative pricing scheme. Effortless, informative and with a dash of modern style is how one can describe the technology that is skillfully applied by Ozone.

Possibly in no other business than hotels are communication tools held up to such high scrutiny. Guests, after all, are there for a restful experience, and the last thing anyone wants when relaxing is to face tech problems when checking out the in-room entertainment.

To meet this challenge, Ozone is offering hotels in Malta a comprehensive and accessible communications package featuring all the perks one would expect, and a little more. From smart hospitality TVs to state-of-the-art telephone systems and from high-speed internet access to Wi-Fi analytics and e-marketing tools.

To match the advanced functionality of the technology found in its hospitality package, Ozone has gone a step further by developing an innovative per-room daily rate for services. By partnering up with Grenke, this unique payment scheme allows hoteliers to avoid an initial burdensome investment, instead having the option to pay for all services, equipment and installation fees through a daily rate, starting from €1.50 per room.

With one cost-effective daily rate, totalled by the number of rooms a hotel provides, they will benefit from the complete hospitality package, which includes: Samsung Hospitality TVs for every room, hotel TV info page and promotion features, IP headend and middleware, state-of-the-art PBX and IP phones in all guest rooms and administration areas, high-speed broadband internet, Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel, Wi-Fi analytics and e-marketing tools, unlimited calls to local fixed and mobile numbers and low-cost international telephony.

Although the tech is new, professional staff at Ozone have been entrusted with both large and smaller  projects in Malta and Gozo for over five years. The highly experienced team has developed a keen understanding of the needs and sensibilities of hoteliers, as they strive to balance luxury with cost and  turn complex projects into smart and simple solutions for hoteliers.

Those wishing to learn more can call 2010 1000 or e-mail


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