The son of notorious Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar has slammed a hit series about his father for a series of "grave mistakes" which "insult the history of an entire nation". 

Sebastian Marroquin listed the apparent mistakes made by Netflix show Narcos in a Facebook post, with the Emmy-nominated series coming under fire for anything from its depiction of Escobar's relationship with his parents to getting his favourite football team wrong.

While the show is based on real events, its creators have never claimed that everything depicted in the series happened in real life.

But that didn't stop Marroquin from slamming producers, saying "if the writers don't even know Pablo's favourite [football] team, how dare they tell you the rest of a story like that and sell it as true?"

Other qualms included the fact that his mother was shown shooting a weapon - "my mother never bought or used a weapon" - to the show's depiction of Escobar with his parents, with Marroquin saying "my father never mistreated his parents." 

Despite his outburst, Marroquin did not appear to be hopeful of his version of matters to gain much traction. 

"The world is upside-down. Everyone can recount their version, but you know where to find the true one," he wrote at the end of his post. 

Narcos first aired on video streaming service Netflix in August 2015. Its first season told the story - with some poetic licence - of Pablo Escobar, with its depiction being widely praised by critics and viewers. 

Escobar rose from lowly beginnings to create one of the world's most powerful drug cartels. At the height of his power, his Medellin cartel supplied an estimated 80 per cent of the world's cocaine, generating some $60 million a day in revenue. 

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