The Labour Party this morning formalised its adherence to a party financing law by registering itself with the Electoral Commission.

Labour Party president Daniel Micallef, national executive secretary Lydia Abela and deputy president Louis Gatt submitted the party's application.

Mr Micallef said that the PL was keen to adhere to the law from the outset, adding that in many respects - such as the publishing of their accounts - the party was already operating in line with the law. 

Electoral Commissioner Joseph Church said that although the party financing law was new and that adopting it would involve a learning process, he hoped that all sides would make an effort to do so in the best possible way. 

Justice Minister and PL deputy leader candidate Owen Bonnici said the PL registering itself highlighted the contrast between itself and the Nationalist Party.

He accused the PN of "dodging" a party financing law for 25 years and described their recent cedoli scheme as one of "secret loans". 

"[Opposition Leader] Simon Busuttil has a problem if he thinks that after 25 years of doing nothing, he can now wipe his feet on the spirit of the party financing law," Dr Bonnici said. 

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