Decent elected politicians ought to seriously take an inward look at themselves, their conscience and their moral values and find a party that can seriously do the job of honest governance. A party that can challenge the government on all fronts, that can present itself as a decent alternative to the present constitutional dictatorial way of how this country is being administered and its institutions hijacked.

The Nationalist Party seems now a lost cause. It has lost its ideals, is devoid of ideas and is morally not much different from the Labour Party in government.

The delusional PN leadership is not there to offer better governance alternatives to the present administration. The PN looks a compromised party in perdition, with no or little redemption possibility in sight. That faction of MPs who surely must feel it is not right and genuinely want to serve the country and the people, all people, must let it go. The same applies to members and supporters who cannot relate to its leader and officials.

Decent people need to call a spade a spade and start the slow, uphill, painful process of building from scratch something honest again.

What mess, what mentality, what morality are we saddling our children with, where the yardstick of achievement has become totally the size of abank account, more easily achievable by kowtowing to leaders in the present elitist and nepotistic environment?

For the sake of all that is decent, pull up your socks, do not remain reticent, show your political leadership qualities and come forward to do what is right. Not selfishly right but what is right for our country.

A Swedish resident has announced her candidacy for the forthcoming MEP elections. Bold move indeed.

Allow me to quote an American-Indian proverb: a brave man dies but once, a coward many times.

Nationalist MPs who feel uneasy in the hijacked dysfunctional party should be emboldened and stand up to be counted.


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