The to-do list for the Nationalist Party has never been so ambitious: redefining its purpose, reinvigorating its policies, refreshing its image, reenergising its troops and attracting more new talent to help it shape a plan that could capture, once again, the country’s imagination.

It might sound like too arduous a list of tasks for some to leave their comfort zone and contribute to a new beginning. But for others this is a truly unique moment in the party’s history to build a vision that could usher in an era of political decency and sustainable quality of life.

With a government that has focused its economic programme on short-term gains over the past nine years, the compounding global crises rocking the world’s economy are finding it ill-prepared. It has already announced it is putting on the back burner all the fancy projects announced before the last election and cutting back on freebies. There is simply no money.

And with inflation eroding everyone’s quality of life and with investors all jittery in the face of tremendous global uncertainty, our people will soon realise that Labour built its castle on sand. The waves are about to hit the shore. In short: ‘L-Aqwa Żmien’ is gone.

As the country’s only political opposition, this is the moment for the Nationalist Party to offer an alternative vision, with a policy programme built around the values that make us who we are and a bold promise to make the quality of life we all aspire to become truly sustainable for future generations. Above all, it is the moment for the Nationalist Party to become the political house where ideas converge, where all those with Malta’s true interest at heart can build the future together.

We might share different backgrounds and different attitudes to life, however, our commitment for the best of the country would dwarf all that we think should keep us apart.

This is the spirit with which the Nationalist Party wrote some of Malta’s most formidable political chapters.

History has always shown that people turn to the PN when the country is in dire straits- Chris Said

The time has come to do that again. This is the exciting brief for all those willing to join the Nationalist Party and give their helping hand.

Independence Day, celebrated on Wednesday, has historically been a moment for the Nationalist Party to regroup and usher in a new season of political activism. But this year is different. The Nationalist Party has just lost its third election in a row. But while one would expect our morale to be low, this is an incredible time to lift the Nationalist Party back on its feet, rejuvenate it and make it once again a natural home for those who seek the common good.

My appeal is for all those, young and old, with the desire to be agents of change, to join us. Whether you are completing secondary school and feel that the country is heading in the wrong direction or you have just retired and have now more time on your hands, we want you with us. And we want you with us now and not in the few months before the next electoral milestone.

For those who think that the Nationalist Party does not represent them, my appeal is to come and change the party from within. For those who think the party is antiquated, come and help us modernise it. For those who feel that we don’t know where we stand on a number of sensitive issues, come and help shape the conversation.

History tends to be cyclical and Maltese political history has always shown that people turn to the Nationalist Party when the country is in dire straits.

It gives me no pleasure to write this but that’s the inevitable direction the country is in and we cannot afford not to have the strongest possible Nationalist Party heeding once again the call of destiny. And a strong Nationalist Party starts with you.

Chris Said is a Nationalist Party MP.

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