The Malta Camping and Caravans Association would like to point out that what has been defined as the “illegal parking” of caravans near beaches is not necessarily ‘illegal’. It is more of a legal grey area, which is subject to interpretation and, in fact, a process exists to regularise the position of the caravan owners.

We wish to point out that camping and caravanning is a legal and legitimate hobby and branding such activities as illegal is discriminatory towards those who have these hobbies at heart. Except for the very few cowboys that tarnish the reputation of everyone, most of the caravan owners are passionate about their legitimate hobby and invest thousands of euros to equip and maintain the standards required by safety and sanitation regulations related to this hobby. Moreover, most caravan owners clean the areas where they set up on a regular basis and maintain a clean site throughout their stay.

The Malta Camping and Caravans Association is continuously engaging with the authorities, including local councils, to find viable ways in which campers and caravan owners can enjoy their hobby responsibly and without inconveniencing those who do not share our same passion.

We ask everyone to kindly be patient until a viable compromise is agreed to with the authorities and refrain from branding the practice of a legitimate hobby as illegal, based on a few complaints by inconvenienced individuals who may be themselves inconveniencing others when they practise their own hobby.


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