Desperate people resort to desperate measures. This is precisely what Adrian Delia and his Nationalist Party strategists are doing when they have resorted to their favourite scaremongering weapon which always misfires – abortion.

Not only have they decided to mention the word “abortion” in each and every speech made by all PN candidates and the PN leadership, but have also put up a billboard to boot.

Delia and his cronies still believe that Maltese and Gozitan voters are just like two-year-old children who can be scared so easily. When a political party resorts to such a pathetic measure, that is a sure sign that they know that they have no valid arguments left to convince the electorate.

While PN MEPs had over 1,800 days, during which they did whatever they could to undermine Malta’s name in EU institutions, Maltese and Gozitan voters have just one day - May 25 to respond and show them what they think of them and their party, which condones their unpatriotic work.


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