The leader of the third party in parliament, Godfrey Farrugia, is challenging the leaders of the Labour and Nationalist Parties to a debate.

Xarabank’s leaders’ debate between Joseph Muscat and Adrian Delia was going to be held today, with Dr Farrugia also taking part. However, Dr Muscat has reportedly rejected the terms of the debate and therefore the challenge, the PD leader said.

"He is reported to have stated that he has not accepted on strategic grounds and prefers to have such a debate if organised by BA or Xtra.

“It's chilling how democracy is hanging by a thread. No one has moved a muscle about parliament being deferred. No debate and no discussion, no scrutiny,” he said.

Last Monday, Parliament was unexpectedly adjourned for two weeks on Monday, a day before a debate was due on the financial estimates of the Embryo Protection Authority.

PD general secretary and MEP candidate Martin Cauchi Inglott said the Broadcasting Authority’s campaign schedule - which is prepared by the Commission made up of the handpicked representatives of the Prime Minister and Labour Party and Nationalist Party representatives - have excluded such a scenario of such a debate.

Candidate Anthony Buttigieg said the Prime Minister preferred to debate "in a controlled environment, where money can buy the truth and where the narrative may also be spun”.


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