When voters choose their MEPs in 2019, the ballot sheet is likely to include candidates from the Democratic Party, according to outgoing leader Marlene Farrugia.

But the final decision whether the party will contest the MEP election will rest with the new leader and executive that will be elected in October. The decision will also have to determine whether the PD will go it alone or in coalition with the Nationalist Party as it did in the general election.

Speaking on Times Talk, Dr Farrugia justifies her surprising decision to relinquish the PD leadership by comparing it to a start-up operation.

“Whoever is familiar with any start-up knows there comes a time when it is necessary to have a change in leadership so that the organisation can grow… I believe the PD can grow with other people at the helm,” she said.

With her partner Godfrey Farrugia, also an MP, not excluding contesting the PD leadership, Marlene Farrugia rejected the suggestion that this could turn out to be an all-in-the-family jamboree.

“There are other people in PD who have expressed an interest,” she said, adding her decision was meant to give more space to others and shed the perception that PD was ‘Marlene’s party’.

Dr Farrugia will continue giving her contribution as a PD MP but at the same time did not exclude contesting the Nationalist Party leadership in future.

“I exclude nothing… an hour is a very long time in politics,” she said, adding that her main concern as a Maltese citizen was to serve in whatever role the country was calling her.

For her, the most important thing was to have a united opposition to stand up to the government.

Asked about the coalition agreement with the PN, she said its survival depended on the direction the new PN and PD leaders will take.

Dr Farrugia said she would cooperate with anyone elected PN leader despite having called on the party to postpone the race because none of the four contenders were cut out for the job.


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