Partit Demokratiku MPs Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia are to start being invited to meetings of the Opposition Parliamentary group when this is debating matters of a parliamentary nature, the Nationalist Party said today.

It said in a statement this was decided by its parliamentary group today.

Both sides will coordinate for voting purposes and the two PD MPs would be expected to abide by the Opposition Parliamentary Group whip’s discipline.

The Opposition's work in Parliament was to be strong and effective and would keep the Joseph Muscat government under continuous scrutiny, the PN said.

The PN parliamentary group also decided it would be voting in favour of the law on same-sex marriages when this is moved for debate next week. It said it would be voting in favour at all stages.

This commitment, the PN said, reflected the promise made in its electoral programme.

PN MPs would be moving a number of amendments at committee stage for the Bill to be improved.