How can one put together all the madness that has become our daily feed on this land of ours?

Back in time one national mistake, or scandal, would hit the news then be flogged to death beyond the grave. Today scandals are uncovered and the main headline hasn’t even been written before another terrible story comes out.

If the opposition wasn’t in semi-somnolent stasis, and still struggling to rebuild itself, they could today be leading the opinion polls.

But, scandals apart, I still think the worst sin of this new labour lot is their horrible feeling that they can get away with anything. And when the going gets tough all they need to do is pull a rabbit out of their hat and bingo they have a scandal, a mistake or a damning file about the bad, corrupt PN.

Gone are the days when we were told that the times of old politics are history. Gone is transparency and the rest of the thousand platitudes uttered by Saint Joseph on his own Mount.

The way the Sai Mizzi debacle is being handled is one of the most despicable we have ever witnessed. The whole rigmarole of her appointment is terrible, but that ministers are defending her, and her appointment, beggars belief.

Our foreign minister even called anyone daring to criticise her pea-brained.  As a few good souls have remarked, I would rather be called pea-brained than stop criticising nepotism gone mad. And unfortunately the more Sai Mizzi opens her mouth the worst the whole situation is becoming.  

I am old enough to remember an incident where a former ambassador during Dom Mintoff’s premiership boasted that we, the Maltese, were so close to the Chinese that we pee in each other’s pockets.

Those were despicable times. These are equally despicable, with people who should know better grinning while we, the people, are expected to applaud antics which are surely not what discerning voters opted for.


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