A man who allegedly attempted to hold motorists at knifepoint along a main road in Lija last Sunday evening and then became aggressive when arrested has been remanded in custody.

Rashid I Ramadan Aljabo, a 25-year old panel beater living in ─Žamrun, was arrested after police were told a man armed with a knife was trying to stop drivers along Mosta Road, Lija on Sunday at around 9.20pm.

The man’s attempt to stop a motorcyclist resulted in a collision, with the rider toppling off his bike and suffering serious injuries, a court was told.

The alleged aggressor was arrested by the police on site and turned violent whilst waiting for an ambulance which took him to hospital. Once there, he is also alleged to have insulted the policemen accompanying him.

Seated in court on Tuesday afternoon with his leg in a cast, the man pleaded not guilty to attempted violent theft, to involuntarily inflicting a grievous injury upon the motorcyclist and to causing voluntary damage to third party property.

He was further charged with carrying a knife without the necessary police licence, breaching the peace, insulting the police officers and refusing to obey their legitimate orders.

Prosecuting Inspector Elton Taliana described Mr Aljabo’s behaviour as a crime against society.

Mumbling under his breath, Mr Aljabo pleaded not guilty and was remanded in custody. No bail request was made.

Lawyer Martha Mifsud was legal aid defence counsel.