Penalty point contraventions are given directly to drivers except in the case of speed cameras, the government said.

It said that in the case of speed cameras, the contravention was issued against the car owner who was, however, given the opportunity to indicate who was driving the driving the vehicle at that particular time.

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Such systems were similar to those in other European jurisdictions.

The government was referring to GRTU statements on concern shown by business owners that extending the penalty point system to all drivers was unfair to those using vehicles for commercial use.

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In a statement, the government said it was committed to ensure that the law was safeguarded and be business friendly at the same time, and, for this reason, the Local Enforcement System Agency had set up the site where a person could register for e-services and manage his personal portal which would list all cars registered in his name.

The site included a section for penalty points where a person could file a declaration and indicate the driver at the time of the speed camera contravention.

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This declaration had to be signed by both the owner and the driver, and, in case of guilt, the points would be transferred to the driver. If the driver refused to sign the declaration this could still be filled by the owner and the driver would be called in as witness by the tribunal.

The same site also provided the possibility that an owner of cars registered in his name but delegated to a third party would be able to follow the movements of that car.

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If a car was rented for a long period, the owner could file a declaration stating from when and to whom the car was rented.

This declaration as well as a copy of the contract would also be placed online together with a copy of the licence of the person renting the car.

This would enable all contraventions in the period to be issued directly to the driver.

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This declaration could be uploaded up to 21 days from when the contravention was issued. If it was paid within that period, it would still be uploaded and the points would be transferred.

There were currently 25,000 people registered to the system and an average of 385 new registrations were being received weekly, the government said.


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