Pianist Sofia Narmania will be giving a piano concert at the Oratory of St Francis church in Valletta at lunchtime tomorrow.

Narmania will be performing classical piano pieces composed by some of France’s finest composers, namely Ravel, Debussy and Chopin.

The performance will include Chopin’s Berceuse op. 57 and Nocturne no. 20 in C Sharp Minor, Ravel’s famous Pavane and Debussy’s Pour le Piano.

She will also interpret the works of Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky, two of the major composers of the 20th century, who hail from the pianist’s nativecountry, Russia.

The programme also includes Tchaikovsky’s Barcarolle op. 37 b and Prokofiev’s Montagues and Capulets from the ballet Romeo and Juliet.

The performance is being held tomorrow at noon. Proceeds from the event will go towards the restoration project of the Franciscan church. Tickets can be obtained from the venue itself half an hour before the concert begins. For more details, call 7968 0952 or e-mail: baroccomalta@gmail.com.


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