A square in Pietà and convent in Valletta are being restored thanks to €220,000 in Planning Authority funding, minister Aaron Farrugia said. 

The funds come from the PA’s development planning fund, which is reserved for urban environment proects, and are being used to embellish Pjazza Madonna ta’ Fatima in Pietà and repair the Franciscan Convent of St Mary of Jesus in Valletta.

Works on the Pietà square will improve accessibility to it, add a rainwater storage facility for irrigation and see a new lighting system installed. 

In Valletta, the funding is being used to replace roofs at the convent, which was built in the 16th century and requires repair. 

“Through various initiatives, we are creating and encouraging more recreation and a healthier urban environment. For these projects, the Development Planning Fund is being tapped into to embellish the urban environment while incorporating more sustainable elements in its planning, as well as to restore our cultural heritage”, said planning minister Farrugia.

Vincent Cassar, Chairperson of the Development Planning Fund said that,“we have an obligation not only to safeguard our built heritage but a responsibility to provide spaces where future communities can better integrate and build relationships through such projects”.

Pietà mayor Keith Tanti said the fountain embellishment would provide residents with a much-needed open space. 

Friar Ramon Farrugia OFM, Guardian of the Franciscans of Valletta, said the funding would alleviate some of the cost of completing the works for the friars.

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